Cologne, Germany

July 30, 2018

Now, for a quick stop over in Cologne in the West of Germany on our way from Amsterdam to Berlin. Cologne was heavily bombed during WWII (about 262 air raids, yikes) and large parts of the city were destroyed, therefore much of the architecture here is a mish-mash of random styles, colours, heights, etc. But that just adds to its charm.

We did a killer walking tour and learnt tons of fun facts about Köln (AKA Cologne, the German word for the city name).

Did you know Cologne has the second largest Carnival, right behind Rio de Janeiro? The Carnival season starts on November 11 and ends 1 week prior to Lent, so roughly February/March. These people know how to party and loooove their Kölsch. Knowledge is power!

Anyways, check out some stuff!

IMG_2732Medieval city gate

IMG_2733Sick street art

IMG_2740These funny guys are characters in a puppet play popular in Cologne – I forget their names but the one on the left represents love and the one on the right represents riches, if you rub lefties nose you will be blessed with finding the love of your life, if you rub righties fingers you will be blessed with many riches. I rubbed one mans thing, but I’ll never tell which, I’m a lady

Cologne Cathedral – one of my top 5 FAV cathedrals, and I’ve seen a lot of cathedrals, this one has the remains of the 3 wise men… How cool.

Old City Hall – covered in statues of important figures in the city’s history – this one in particular is St Ursula, the patron saint of Cologne (woo, go girl)

Hohenzollern Bridge – the fullest lock bridge I’ve ever seen!

GPTempDownloadGroB St. Martin

GPTempDownload 2

And, I’ll leave you with one more fun fact. This is the River Rhine! And I just happened to have already made acquaintances with this same river when I was in Schaffhausen, Switzerland! I floated down it! Europe is such a small area geographically, yet each country has its own unique qualities!

Thanks for the memories Cologne, your resilience and charm are duly noted. Catch ya on the flip side.

XO – Kris


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