Brussels, Belgium

July 23-26, 2018

ENTER RAF! Meeting up with another friend from home! Yaassssss. There is something so so comforting about familiarity. As good as it is for me to push my boundaries and expand my horizons, having some normalcy is refreshing. Just simply speaking to someone and not having to strain to understand their accent feels amazing.

And here we are in beautiful Brussels, Belgium!

So much history, amazing architecture, and peeing statues (?).

Belgians love a good statue takin’ a leak. Go figure.

IMG_2640The most famous of them, Manneken Pis

IMG_2659A nice close up of Jeanneke Pis

IMG_2647And finally, Zinneke Pis

And now, we’ll move on to the gorgeous architecture and everything else that Brussels has to offer.

Eglise Notre-Dame de Chappelle – didn’t bring my GoPro and my phone couldn’t take a picture wide enough photo, so, this is what we’ve got

Grand Place

IMG_2664St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral\

Palace of Brussels – one room had like 2 dozen chandeliers and another had a super interesting green “faux grass” ceiling that I’ve not seen in a palace

The Atomium

GPTempDownload 4Basilica of the Sacred Hearts, Brussels

IMG_2683Chateau de Laeken – the residence of the royal family of Belgium!

IMG_2682The Palace of Justice – I know what you’re thinking “why is it covered in scaffolding and so ugly? And why did Kristiane bother taking a picture of this shit?” Well, let me assure you, I had the same thought initially about the scaffolding, followed by disappointment. But then the tour guide said that she has never even seen the palace of justice without scaffolding and under construction! That it has been this way for as long as she can remember. So, really, this is The Palace of Justice looking as per us’.

And, of course, Brussels is packed full of adorable side streets, stunning views, and peaceful gardens

Unfortunately, it was hotter than Satan suntanning on a Mediterranean beach in July the entire time we were in Brussels. The heat made me rather bitchy and incredibly uncomfortable. You’d think after spending a month in India in April I would be prepared for any kind of heat, but I am just not handling this Western Europe heat wave well. And, yay, it suppose to be even hotter in Amsterdam! *hard sarcasm*

XO – Kris

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