Prague, Czech Republic

July 20-22, 2018

We are on the move people! Quick stops, quick stops. Lately, every time I pack my bag I leave another unnecessary item of clothing. It’s just to gosh darn heavy to have two different jean skirts when you carry every single item that you own on your back every few days.

Hey Prague. You beautiful city, you. I hit the touristy things first. And immediately regret it.

GPTempDownload 27Old Town Square

GPTempDownload 26Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, under construction, boo.

Charles Bridge

IMG_2637Church of Our Lady Victorious, the location of the famous Infant Jesus of Prague

The next few pictures are all from my visit to Prague Castle:

IMG_2634The Palace, yo

IMG_2635St. Vitus Cathedral

IMG_2631St George Basilica

IMG_2633Some foxy military men marching, don’t mind if I do

IMG_2636The castle is on high ground and provides a lovely view of the city, as well as some serious under-boob sweat on the hike up

Unfortunately, I found this city too toursity. It was packed. Like, I just couldn’t do it. And EVERYTHING cost money. It cost money to walk down a street at the castle. Like, wut. I know, I know, I went to all of the tourist spots, I get it, I asked for the expenses and annoying people. BUT this was on another level. I don’t know if it’s because we are now in the thick of tourist season in Europe, or if it’s the weekend. Ya got me. All I know is it decreased my enjoyment of this city… On the up-side, I found a few hidden gems that made me smile.

Lennon Wall


Sigmund Freud Statue

I’ll have to return to Prague during the low-season of tourism, I feel like I would enjoy it a lot more.

XO – Kris

P.S. This time I left a stained shirt, don’t have the patience to pay for washing, maybe a subsequent traveller will really be in need of a new/old t-shirt.


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