Vienna, Austria

July 12-14, 2018

I took a 1 hour train from Schaffhausen back to Zurich, then took an 11 hour bus ride from Zurich to Vienna, stopping for approximately 45 minutes in Munich. My travel day started in Schaffhausen at 9:30am and I arrived at my hostel in Vienna at about 11:30pm. Long. Ass. Day. But after sleeping and eating some normal food, I realized that Vienna is BEAUTIFUL! I know I still have much of Europe to explore, but I’m making a prediction that Vienna will be one of my top 5 fav European cities.

There are an infinite number of museums in Vienna (104 according to wikipedia…), but I was insistent that, if no other, I must go to the Sigmund Freud Museum. And it was so cool! The museum itself is located in the flat the the Freud family lived in and Dr. Freud practiced!

Dr. Freud’s building! And his name plate *swoon*


The room that Dr Freud performed his consultations in, this is where the famous couch was!

Naschmarkt – an open air market with tons of cook cafes, restaurants, and food stalls!


IMG_2496 2

City Hall – the giant screen and extra weird stuff is for a film festival

Hofburg Palace from many angles

The exact plates that the royal family of Austria ate off of. They were super into food, as am I. I’m basically Austrian royalty.


No photos were allowed in the Sisi Museum (the museum dedicated to Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her life/assassination) or in the royal apartments, so this is basically the only photo that I have of a boujee stair case in the palace.

The print on the sign says that Demel Cafe was established in 1786! And the sachertorte is famous! And for good reason, it was amazing.

In Vienna we love statues and gardens

St Stephan’s Cathedral

Karlskirche (kirche means church, FYI)

While in Vienna, I also met up with some friends that I had previously met while traveling in Australia, who are local to Vienna! They brought me to a wonderful bio-cafe. Bio-cafes are all the rage in several European cities, and Vienna does it well! A bio-cafe is basically a health conscious cafe, lots of yummy vegetarian, vegan, and organic options! Delish. We strolled around for the afternoon and caught up. Having friends around the world is a huge bonus that comes with traveling!

That concludes my time in Vienna, and I can now say that it will definitely by one of my top 5’s.

XO – Kris


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