Bratislava, Slovakia

July 15, 2018

Bratislava is a pleasant surprise. I would venture to say that it is a lesser known tourist destination in Central/Eastern Europe. But I am glad that I took the time to come here. Though my time in Slovakia was short, it was sweet.

Check out the sights, sounds, and tastes of my Slovakian secret.

(Okay, no sounds, it’s only pictures, afterall)

(No taste for you either, I suppose..)

But you catch my drift!


Slavín Memorial – a military cemetery and monument for lives lost in WWII. I am not sure if it is for fallen soldiers of Slovakia or the USSR? The Red Army? did the USSR occupy Slovakia at this time? I can’t sort it out via Wikipedia. Help me.

GPTempDownload 4

Slavín is on high ground and offers a nice view of the city


Bratislava Castle

GPTempDownload 8The view from the castle – good strategy, being on high ground with a view of the river. Well done


St Martin’s Cathedral – built on top of an 11th century cemetery (those are skulls)


Old Town Hall


Michael’s Gate


Compass under Michael’s Gate – I loooove seeing things from home in unsuspecting places, such as this

GPTempDownload 13Roland Fountain

IMG_2552Slovak National Theatre

In several of the countries I have visited recently, I have been unable to try authentic local cuisine due to them containing meat. That’s why I have been indulging in so many desserts, not that I’m complaining. But, Slovakia, you got meeeee. This is potato gnocchi (it’s not really gnocchi, I think that’s just what they compare it to so tourists have an idea of what it is) with sheep cheese on it. Yes Sheep cheese. And it is so good. Well done, Slovakia, well done.



Strong mustach on this statue


I found Bratislava to be full of fun quirky moments that make it a lovely city

Bratislava feels like my little secret. I had one packed afternoon of sight seeing and fell in love. There is a definite presence of past hardships, with the maintenance of buildings and public spaces sometimes lacking. On that same note, there are massive improvements being made in this city that will contribute to it’s growing economy and prosperity. Go Bratislava!

I don’t know that I really needed more than half a day to see all of the sights Bratislava has to offer.. Of course, one could always dig up things to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay and can see this city and country becoming a popular tourist spot in the coming future!

Let’s hop back on that bus and hit the next capital!

XO – Kris

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