Zurich, Switzerland

July 5-7, 2018

Hello central Europe/Switzerland/one of the most expensive country in the world! Sup girl?!

Fraumunster – this church has been a part of the Zurich skyline since 853. A Reformed Protestant Church since the 1500’s approximately. 

Bahnhofstrasse – the most expensive street in the world


Grossmunster – another Reformed Protestant Church

Zurichsee and Limmat


St Peter – this is the largest clock in Europe!

IMG_2388Zurich Opera House

IMG_2394Hiltl – The first vegetarian restaurant, ever! Founded in 1889!

My first view of the Alps across Zurichsee!

I also hiked up the nearby hill of Uetliberg! I got some stunning views of the city and the country side, but unfortunately it wasn’t clear enough to see the Alps from up there.

And that concludes my relatively rainy time in Zurich! Now, I’ll search for a more “small town” feel north of Zurich, and then head to the Alps!

XO – Kris

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