Schaffhausen & The Alpsteins, Switzerland

July 8-10, 2018

I traveled from Zurich to Schaffhausen to meet up with Matt, a sweet friend I originally met in NZ, to do some hiking in the Alpstein region.

But first, we toured around Schaffhausen!


The view from the local castle!


Rhine Falls


Me @ Rhine Falls, kewl

And now the Alps! Hallo Mountains! I’ve missed you!

Matt planned a hike in the Alpstein Region! We took a gondola from a small town (that I forget the name of) at 800m, up to a station at about 1500m.


The view from the gondola

Then we hiked down a bit to a famous restaurant! That I can’t find a picture of. Then hiked up up upppp to the summit of Santis – 2600m.



Where I’m pointing is where we came from at the gondola!

We spent the night at an adorable lodge at the summit!


Looking down at our lodge from the lookout

IMG_2444Where’s the cheese and bread I ordered?

IMG_2445Brost! En Guete! And everything in between!

IMG_2450The sunset from the summit

The next morning it was foggy AF as we started the decent down. We descended from the summit (again, 2600m, not to toot my own horn or anything) aalllll the way down to the train station that we started at (again, 800m). So, we descended nearly 2000m. Damn.



A steep, long descent, but worth it

Along the way down, among the many cow fields, we came across a sign saying “cheese for sale”. So, naturally, we went to check it out and came across this adorable cottage with cows and goats out front and an adorable Swiss man inside selling home made cheese!!!

GPTempDownload 7This was his home!

Shortly after this we made it to the train station and made our way back to Schaffhausen (approximately 2 hours on the train).

I can’t imagine not having gone to the Alps while visiting Switzerland, and I cannot thank Matt enough for his hospitality and arranging everything!

Danke, Switzerland!

XO – Kris

One thought on “Schaffhausen & The Alpsteins, Switzerland

  1. Mom says:

    Amazing pictures and cute cheese story at the end of the hike. I know you love some good cheese. Stay safe. Love you. 😘😘


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