Porto, Portugal

July 2-4, 2018

Porto greeted me with overcast, scattered rain showers. To be honest, it was a bit of a relief from the heat of the south!

Let me just tell ya, every Portuguese person must have buns of steel because every city seems to be built on the most hilly terrain possible! It’s like they enjoy walking up hill, then down hill, then up another hill! Something that is 1km away from you takes 20 minutes to get to due to these absurd hills! Anyways, rant over, Porto is beautiful.


Fun fact: you often see Porto and Oporto used interchangeably. So what is the real name? The true name is Porto, long ago locals added the “O” to the beginning to act as “The” or “La/Le”. So, saying “Oporto” is basically “The Porto”, to give the city importance. #themoreyaknow

Sao Bento Train Station – connects all of Northern Portugal and also has iconic tile work! (The train station I arrived to the city in, also)

IMG_2350Douro River

Casa do Infante – this building functioned as a customs/mint beginning in ~1350 for 500 years! All of the boats that arrived in Porto would bring their goods here to be appraised! More interestingly, it was built on Roman ruins from 400-500AD!

Clerigos Tower and Church – the highest point in Porto! You have to climb about 140 stairs to get to the top! (The people told me that it is 240 steps, but I counted and it was only 140)

IMG_2285Flags up for the San Joao festival on June 23-24 (just missed it)

IMG_2284This is the fanciest McDonalds in the world apparently!

Dom Luis I Bridge – views of/views from

Fun fact: The Douro River divides Porto from an entirely different city called Vila Nova de Gaia, connected by several bridges and a short walk!

Views of Porto from the Monastery in Gaia

IMG_2352My last pastel de nata in Portugal. I promise you I will make these at home.

IMG_2302Porto Cathedral – It was beautiful inside. I’ve stopped taking pictures in churches out of respect. I just love religion, faith, and spirituality. On days that I am feeling homesick, I go to churches and I feel instantly at home and better in God’s house.

J.K. Rowling lived in Porto for a few years (I didn’t know this!) and got tons of inspiration from her surroundings! This fountain of Griffins inspired Gryffindor, and this book store has a fancy stair case inside that inspired the moving staircases in Hogwarts! So neat!

Porto was lovely, but I am done with Portugal.

XO – Kris

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