Lisbon, Portugal

June 25-27, 2018

I love Lisbon.

Lisbon is known as the “City of Seven Hills”, and, boy, can I vouch for that. Every time you turn the corner. There is another hill.

But it is worth the hike. Because Lisbon also seems to be the city of lookout points!

I only had two full days in this glorious city, but I enjoyed every second. From touring around Alfama (the oldest part of Lisbon), to munching on famous pastel de nata from a famous bakery in Belem, to the beautiful limestone and granite streets lined with colourfully tiled apartment buildings – this whole place is dope.


16th century architecture in Alfama


Decorations for the St Anthony (Saint of weddings) celebrations in Alfama that take place from June 12 until the end of the month! Lots of food, drinks, and music!


This is the oldest church in Lisbon (I forget what year), there used to be a mosque in this exact location (because Portugal has a strong Arabic influence from Northern Africa), but then someone (I forget who) came and conquered the Moor people in Lisbon, tore down their mosque and built this catholic church! Also, side note – looks so much like the Notre Dame!


16th century church that survived the earthquake/tsunami of 1755 in Lisbon that destroyed most of the city!

This custard filled dream is called pastel de nata and it is the BOMB – Don’t worry, I intend on learning how to make it when I get home so that we can all have this look on our faces as we eat it!

GPTempDownload 3

Belem – filled with aesthetically pleasing buildings, cafes, and restaurants

The LX Factory (LX is what the youngin’s call Lisbon, FYI) is a trendy area filled with vegan cafes, free-trade coffee carts, smooth/juice bars, clothing stores, book stores, etc. and it is straight up adorable. If I ever get the privilege to live in Lisbon I would be a frequent goer of the LX Factory, let me tell ya.

I did a few touristy tourist things too!

The Lisbon Pantheon, you know you’ve arrived as a European city when you have a Pantheon – I mostly visited to get out of the blazing sun/heat and to stop climbing hills.

This is the most famous shop to get the a-for-mention pastel de nata in Lisbon! There is a line up outside the door all day long. So, of course, I had to try par-take! And it did not disappoint!

There is a very eclectic and edgy feel to Portugal that I have yet to experience on my travels in Europe – there are tons of retro cafes, street art, and everyone is tatted/pierced/dreaded up.

Amazing street art. This city is so vibrant and full of life!

Lisbon was a great introduction to Portugal and I can’t wait to explore further on the Algarve coast. PEACE.

XO – Kris


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