Gibraltar, England

June 14, 2018

On June 9, I arrived in Spain to meet my mom and dad. Malaga, to be exact. This was the first time I’d seen my parents in nearly 6 months, and I was thriiiilled to spend quality time, while showing them a new part of the world.

We spent one week lounging in Marbella, and another week lounging in Denia. Pictures of 2 weeks-worth of lounging are not so interesting… So I will share with you one of the day trips that we did to Gibraltar!

Gibraltar is on the southern tip of mainland Spain and is technically British territory. On this rock/peninsula there have been many wars fought due to its geographical significance of being at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. Many different countries have controlled this area, but Britain seems to have won the fight for the long haul, as it still belongs to them.

GPTempDownload 19You literally have to show your passport to pass through the border crossing, theres the rock in the background

We walked across the border and took a bus to the cable car to go up the “Rock”. The rock is the highest point on the peninsula and provides a top-notch “look-out” for an army base.

Some views from the top – now all you see is cruise ships and beaches, but back in the day it would’ve been perfect to spot an approaching attack

O’Hara’s Battery – a giant cannon, once ready for some serious business, now a fun tourist attraction

GPTempDownload 13Info about the cannon at O’Hara’s Battery, could definitely do some damage..

This whole army base is built into a giant rock, so there is extensive underground tunnels for sneak attacks, safety, keeping prisoners, living, etc.

This giant cave is now used for concerts and events!

GPTempDownload 2This castle has survived 10 sieges! That’s a lot of sieges.

Fun day with ma and pa, something I never would’ve visited without dad suggesting it, and very glad he did! This tiny 2.5 mile area has seen a lot of history, and it was tres cool to experience.

XO – Kris

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