Rome, Italy

May 28-June 1, 2018

My life became the Lizzie McGuire movie for 5 days. And it was amazing.

Jessica ventured out of Canada for the first time in her life to meet me here! It is such a relief to spend time with someone that I actually know and knows me. Meeting new friends is great, but this is a much welcomed comfort.

GPTempDownload 6What a brave soul!

We had all kinds of fun filled adventures in Roma and area!

IMG_2027Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain

San Giovanni Basilica

The Pantheon – Originally opened in 126 AD

GPTempDownload 23The Spanish Steps


GPTempDownload 24Piazza Navona

St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

The best part of the Vatican Museum! a beautifully painted ceiling. No pics of the Sistine Chapel, as you are not allowed to take pictures inside

Day trip to Capri! An island just off the cost of mainland Italy that we reached via ferry from Naples

The Colosseum 

Some nice arches in the Roman Forum – built to commemorate successful battles

I fully expect Jessica to redecorate her house with 24k gold trim, Roman pillars, and murals on all of the ceilings after this trip. Along with seeing the amazing sights that Rome has to offer, we ate a lot of pasta, pizza, and Italian desserts, duh.

Next, we go to Paris (the second time for me this trip, such a hard life).

Au reviour xx

-XO Kris

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