Venice, Italy

May 24-27, 2018


I’m getting the vibe that Europe is meant for romance. But I am romancing myself and loving every second. Look what I did, Ma.

GPTempDownload 9The Gheto – The first ever in the world! This area was allocated to the Jewish population of Venice.

GPTempDownload 11The buildings are the tallest in Venice here to allow for more people/over-crowding in the Gheto. Also notice how many windows there are, that’s because there are lots of rooms

GPTempDownload 10There are metal plates on the floor in front of houses in the Ghetto to commemorate those lost in the Holocaust.

GPTempDownload 12The first money-lenders/pawn-shop in the Ghetto

San Marco Basilica – You can’t take pictures inside

Doge’s Palace – It’s like the rulers said “let’s just go a liiiiittle bit boujie” and the interior designer didn’t hear him and put gold and Jesus on everything

Murano – Glass blowing island

Burano – Colourful houses island

A few nice churches – both with amazing ceiling paintings on the inside. Those Venetians love a good ceiling painting


We came across this church on the walking tour I attended and the guide mentioned the symbol at the top there and said something about it being the Illuminati and I laughed. But no one else in the group laughed. Guys I had NO IDEA that Illuminati was a real thing. I thought it was like a joke, or a myth. Here’s the secret door that the people go through to go to meetings. Like. Wut. I still don’t understand if this is all a joke? But no one laughed!

GPTempDownload 10They make these crooked-ass buildings on purpose. They even include the degree of crookedness along with the height. Look at it compared to the flag pole!

GPTempDownloadQuick gondola ride

Anyways, the canals were all amazingly gorgeous and everywhere you turn in Venice is beautiful. And obviously the food and coffee is amazing.

GPTempDownload 8

Onto the next Italian city! Rome, here I come!

-XO Kris




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