Kathmandu, Nepal

May 7-9, 2018

I spent a few days in Kathmandu after my trek to Everest Base Camp. I’m a bit ashamed of the lack of site seeing I did… But, I was heckin tired after the hike and all I wanted to do was watch Netflix in the fancy hotel room I splurged on… My bad…

BUT – I did do a few things in Kathmandu.

Boudhanath – Giant Stupa  AKA buddhist spiritual symbol. You must always walk clock wise around these structures – even when we were hiking to EBC the guides/porters would go out of their way to go around the stupa clockwise

IMG_1815Patan Durbar Square – Unfortunately, there was a ton of construction being done on the Hindu temples…

Super intricate wood carving and gold work in the Patan Palace 

Next we went to Pashupatinath – So, across that river of garbage is a Hindu crematorium place. Yep. That smoke and ashes is a literal body being cremated. It is allowed and encouraged to take photos.

 These holy men at Pashupatinath encouraged my to sit with them and take photos. I kneeeewww they would ask for money, but after taking several pictures the one was like “that’ll be 10$”, *face palm*


That was my day site seeing in Kathmandu!

Nest stop – Europe!

XO – Kris

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