Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

March 16-19,

I arrived on the iconic white beaches of Gili T in an absolute shit-storm of tourists.

Let me explain:

March 17 (this year, not sure if the day changes each year?) is known as Nyepi in Bali. This is a Balinese Hindu tradition in which there is a day of silence to renew, refresh, and reset for the New Year. This day of silence is taken very seriously and no one (I mean NO ONE) is allowed out on the streets. So, myself and a Swedish friend I previously met in Australia, chose to jump ship and rush over to Lombok with, what felt like, every other traveller in Bali.

We didn’t do a lot on Gili T, as there isn’t too much to do there.

We spent a day walking around the island – stopping to lay on the beach, stopping to eat lunch, stopping to sit on a bench, chill.

We kayaked to Gili Meno and got sun burnt.

Myself and an English friend, I met at a yoga retreat, went to an aerial yoga class with a view of the ocean and sunset.

IMG_1102.jpgAerial yoga is the bomb, but it hurt a bit on the sunburn on my hips from the kayak earlier that day…

Indulged in wonderful, cheap food at the market each night.

And that is about all I did on Gili T!

Stay tuned for the next location, it blew my mind.

XO – Kristiane

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