Sesandan, Bali, Indonesia

March 7-11, 2018

I have arrived in Bali! And, damn, this is my scene. The food is amazing, the people smile constantly, and the culture is enchanting.

I started my time in Bali by going to a small village north of Tabanan City for a yoga retreat. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this was a great idea on my part.

I spent one night in Denpasar after arriving late on March 6. Went for a walk in the am to see the area and I was the only tourist in sight. I literally did not see one other person who was not Indonesian. And this is exactly what I wanted. The city was chaotic, everyone on their scooter (or a whole family on a scooter) headed to work/school/whatever. I stopped to experience my first Indonesian/Balinese food on the side of the street. Unfortunately, the lady spoke very limited English and I could not communicate that I am vegetarian. She served me a lovely stew with chunks of meat in it… Now what? I didn’t want to be ride or insult her! So, I pushed the meat to the side and ate the broth and veggies, crossing my fingers like crazy that I don’t get sick from the combination of eating meat for the first time in over a year and eating food on the side of the street while sitting in a gutter. (*I didn’t get sick! But I have since learnt to communicate my dietary needs in Balinese to avoid further confusion :))

IMG_0919The street my hostel in Denpasar was on.

I then headed to Tabanan City to be picked up by the team at BaliTrees for my retreat!

This retreat was great! I stayed in a homestay in which the hosts did not speak a word of english other than “Hello!” and “Bye!”. Myself and the other yogis were treated like royalty, Balinese people sure know how to treat guests!

IMG_0921The only weird pic I took of my beautiful homestay!

Here are some pictures of the yoga and traditional activities that we did!

29025893_10160073194850203_3637130013087629312_oObviously lots of yoga. Due to the small, intimate class sizes we sometimes attempted fun poses together!

My first time ever successfully doing Bakasana and holding it! Room for improvement, but I was so excited!

Balinese cooking class with the ladies cooking all our meals! The key to their cooking is simple, fresh, and local! And, boy oh boy, does that ever work!

Balinese fooooooodz (I always dig in too quickly to take fancy pics)


IMG_0942The babies are mad cute here.

IMG_0973Local waterfall



Pictured here is one of our hosts showing me how to dangerously stand under the waterfall on the slippery rocks and then encouraging me to do it.. Sure! Why not! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Learning to make coconut oil from scratch in the neighbours home, yo. 

Rice paddies during the day! Rice paddies at sunrise! Rice paddies at sunset! You get a rice paddy! You get a rice paddy! EVERYBODY GETS A RICE PADDYYYYYYY!!!

IMG_1014Jammin with the fam

We also went to a local healer. I lost the pictures though, whoops. He told me that there is something wrong with my head, but then at the end he said “no problems!!”. So maybe there is a problem with my head or maybe not?

Beautiful experience. Spiritually awakening. The yoga was traditional Balinese style, including lots of meditation, chanting, and reflection. Which is what I needed after such an adventure charged time in Australia.

XO – Kristiane


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