Whitsunday Islands, Australia

February 27-28, 2018

I found my new calling. Sailing. No Joke. Well, laying on sailboats. Lounging on sailboats is my calling. CWTTE4661.jpg

GPTempDownload.jpgIMG_0852.jpgNot sure if my skin has ever been this colour before..

When people find out that you are traveling in Australia one of the first things asked is “Whitsundays?” And now I know why.

The snorkeling was unreal, the sailing was a dream, and Whitehaven Beach is a real life screen saver.

 GPTempDownload 2.jpgModel

Look at all the marine life I saw!

 GPTempDownload 5.jpgStingray city, bitch, stingray city, bitch.

 GPTempDownload 8.jpgGPTempDownload 7.jpgGPTempDownload 9.jpgGPTempDownload 6.jpg

Colourful fish and coral!

GPTempDownload 22.jpgGPTempDownload 21.jpg

Turtle friend!!!! Duuuuuude.

I had an unfortunate run in with the big guy pictured bellow. Here’s the story:

I was on the first dingy-load of snorkelers brought out to this reef. We were promised to see tons of fish. Great! When we arrived at the reef the boat staff began tossing bits of bread in the water and the fish went nuts for it. So neat! Then we hoped in the water and the guy gave me a bun and told me to feed the fish. I started giving the cute blue and yellow ones little bits of bread. OUT OF NOWHERE, this giant beast comes barreling at me and eats the entire bun right out of my hand, biting me in the process. I panicked, big time. The guy in the dingy had already returned to the big sail boat to bring another load of snorkelers out and I was stuck in this overwhelming frenzy of fish attacking me for the remaining bits of bread. Panic, panic, panic. I eventually was saved by the dingy. After much laughter and hyperventilation, I recovered. I, however, did not get back in the water at this spot. I threw bread to the fish from the safety of the dingy. #traumaticexperiences

GPTempDownload 4.jpgLook at the size of it! You would’ve panicked too. All of the Germans with me in the water were laughing hysterically at the Canadian girl loosing her shit.

This is Whitehaven Beach! Here we saw stingrays and lemon sharks milling about in the shallows. GPTempDownload 20.jpgGPTempDownload 19.jpgAlso check out the patterns in the water/sand!

Whitsundays was definitely a highlight of Australia and I highly recommend an overnight sailing trip to experience it fully!

XO – Kristiane

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