Fraser Island, Australia

February 20-22, 2018

Fraser Island is tons of fun fun fun. Unfortunately, the fun was dampened slightly due to poor weather. But, still a great experience!

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

 GPTempDownload 10.jpgGPTempDownload 11.jpg

Driving in the 4X4 on the beach, sick

 GPTempDownload 13.jpg


Eli Creek, a fresh water creek coming from a spring in the ground – originates from the same spring in Fiji that makes Fiji Water

GPTempDownload 14.jpg 

Biggest spider in ‘Straya I’ve seen so far, about the size of a small dog

 GPTempDownload 15.jpgShip wreck

The Japanese came to take this obsolete ship off the Australian army’s hands (I think) and their tug boat broke down or something so they had to leave this boat with no engine in the ocean, the crew on board ended up beaching the boat on Fraser Island just to get off the ocean (kinda dangerous being out their with no engine or anything) and the ship immediately began to sink into the island (bc it’s an island based out of sand, duh). So, by the time the Japanese were able to come back with their tug boat it was halfway sunk into the beach. They said “fuck it” and left the ship right here. This was 80 years ago!!

 GPTempDownload 16.jpgChampagne Pools – only safe place to swim in the ocean on Fraser Island (protected from rip currents and sharks)

 GPTempDownload 18.jpgIndian Head lookout

We also swam in a few fresh water lakes! But I didn’t get pictures of those because I forgot to put the battery in my GoPro, oops.

Lovely experience! Could’ve been a bit warmer to enjoy swimming in the freezing cold lakes, creeks, and oceans, but, never-the-less, lovely scenery!

Fav part – cruising around in the 4X4 trucks!


XO – Kristiane

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