Sydney, Australia

February 1-5, 2018

After having the time of my life in NZ, I arrived in Sydney to have my high expectations shattered. I wasn’t a huge fan of the city at first – and that’s a bit of an understatement. I believe I told my friends that I hated it. I was just getting over an infection, so I felt crummy physically. It was cold and windy, so the iconic Bondi beach ended up being an obligatory task in which I sat on the beach in a sweater for an hour to watch surfing before becoming too cold and leaving. And I was just straight up miserable. BUT, ended up having an alright time by the end of my few days there.

Here’s a few activities I did:

IMG_0796.jpgIMG_0794.jpgIMG_0795.jpgWalking tour around the heart of Sydney, saw the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, and walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens and saw St. Mary’s Cathedral

GPTempDownload 4.jpgBondi Beach – would’ve been lovely on a properly warm “beach” day, but ended up being cold and miserable


Meet up with the Mali’s, long lost family friends! Dinner and drinks in Surrey Hills

IMG_0630.jpgSydney Aquarium

GPTempDownload 2.jpg

GPTempDownload.jpgGPTempDownload 3.jpgBlue Mountains – They look pretty blue don’t they!

GPTempDownload 5.jpgManly Beach


Over-all, not a bad place, but I think Australia definitely has more to offer! My potentially awful time in Sydney was saved by the hospitality of old family and some warmer weather towards the end of my stay.

XO – Kristiane

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