Northern Territory, Australia

February 9-11, 2018

Holy smokes, guys. When traveling in Australia you need to get out to the Northern Territory. It is iconic, spiritual, educational, and everything in between. Simply put, it is amazing.

Here’s a picture story of the experience. DISCLAIMER – the pictures absolutely do not do justice to the beauty that I witnessed here. It must be seen in person to get the full power and effect of this moving terrain.

IMG_0709.jpgThe view from the plane, what planet is this?

IMG_0773.jpgIMG_0719.jpgKataTjuta – so we walked into a gorge between several giant rocks and it was 50 million degrees and I was hung over and dehydrated and nearly DIED, but still enjoyed it somehow?







The magical Uluru – can’t keep my eyes open and still unbearably hungover but still enjoying myself? What?


IMG_0750.jpgUluru Sunset


GPTempDownload.jpgGPTempDownload 2.jpgGPTempDownload 3.jpgUluru Sunrise Base Walk


GPTempDownload 4.jpgGPTempDownload 6.jpgGPTempDownload 7.jpgGPTempDownload 9.jpgGPTempDownload 8.jpgGPTempDownload 5.jpgGPTempDownload 9.jpgIMG_0787.jpgKings Canyon – Sunrise hike


Wake up call was at 4:30am each day, this allowed for hiking in cooler weather and watching the sunrise. In the afternoon when it was 42 degrees, lounging in the pool was perfect. I slept in a canvas tent one night and under the stars the next night. I cannot even put into words the experience of sleeping under millions of stars in a swag. I have never seen so many stars, and I have never felt so humbled.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad I did it.

XO – Kristiane

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