Stray in New Zealand

January 22-31, 2018

Back in Auckland for the 3rd time to catch the Stray Bus and begin touring the interior and southern portion of the North Island.

We went to:

Hahei – I’ve already been here when I went to the Coromandel Peninsula a few weeks ago AKA Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove.

Raglan – Beautiful little surf town with wonderful vibes and black sand beaches. I really wish I could’ve planned to stay here longer! I took a surf lesson and proved that being able to snowboard and surf on a wave simulator in no way translates into being able to surf in the ocean (no pics due to extreme concentration and falling all over in the ocean, sry).

GPTempDownload 13.jpg

Raglan City Centre

Rotorua – The geothermal capital of NZ. I didn’t actually go to the hot springs, but I did go white water rafting in a surprisingly warm river due to the geothermal activity! 20 ish degrees Celsius!

GPTempDownload 14.jpg

Lake Aniwhenua – Had a cultural Maori experience and loved every second!

IMG_0566.jpgIMG_0563.jpgIMG_0564.jpgStone carvings dating back to approx 1050AD


It’s hard to explain, but this food is called Hangi. It is literally cooked in the ground using hot rocks + wet blankets and covering it all in dirt to create steam and cook the food. This is a bunch of veggies but there was chicken and pork cooked to perfection as well!

IMG_0574.jpgLake Aniwhenua

IMG_0580.jpgThermal River! Don’t remember the name and don’t remember what day this was? But it was hot af.

Blue Duck Station – Possibly my favourite stop. Basically a nature reserve/farm. They have all kinds of animals and activities but their main focus is preserving the rainforest and proliferating the endangered Blue Duck population in NZ. If you know me, you know I can’t get enough of that kinda thing. I spent my 24th birthday here and couldn’t have asked for a better day.

GPTempDownload 10.jpgThis is what 24 year old me looks like, still a dork. GPTempDownload 11.jpgGPTempDownload 12.jpgHorseback riding through the rolling hills of the farm

GPTempDownload 9.jpgGPTempDownload 8.jpgKayaking/floating down the Whanganui River and doing some minor cliff jumping (it was way higher than this looks, I swear)

Tongariro Alpine Crossing – The most beautiful and rewarding hike I’ve done. So far.

GPTempDownload 7.jpg

GPTempDownload 6.jpgMount Doom IRL

GPTempDownload 5.jpgGPTempDownload.jpgGPTempDownload 3.jpgGPTempDownload 4.jpgIMG_0596.jpg

Wellington – I didn’t explore very much due to extreme exhaustion (dramatiiiic) from the 20k hike two days prior. But! I went to Zealandia to listen to the birds, went to the museum, and read my book at a cafe in Kelburn Village. Plus, Wellington is the “windy city” of NZ, which reminded me of home! Lovely experience.

NZ was absolutely wonderful, saw/did more beautiful things than I can count and met some life changing people. But, time to move on. The next adventure awaits.


XO – Kristiane

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