Whitianga, New Zealand

January 12-14, 2018

Whitianga is pronounced like “F”itianga. the “WH” is like an airy “F” in NZ.

Whitianga is on the Coromandel Peninsula, a 3.5 hour bus ride from Auckland. It is a sleepy beach town with spectacular views. Basically, I laid on the beach all weekend.

Have a look:

IMG_0379.jpgIMG_0380.jpgIMG_0381 2.jpgShakespeare’s Cliff – roughly 45 minute walk from my hostel.

IMG_0387.jpgIMG_0471 2.jpg

Lonely Bay – beautiful secluded beach that I saw from up on Shakespeare’s Cliff and hiked down to with my “chips” in tow.

Hot Water Beach

Hot water beach is a thermal beach. So, you feel the sand to see if it is warm, and if it’s warm you can dig a hole and your hole will start to fill with warm thermal water! Sometimes the water is so hot you can’t even sit in it!

IMG_0472 2.jpgFamilies, diggin holes and sittin in em’.

IMG_0473.jpgIMG_0474.jpgMe and my German amigas were gifted this hole from another German couple, so we didn’t even have to dig!

Stingray Bay

A lovely little bay on the way to Cathedral Cove.

IMG_0500.jpgBeautiful cave on the side of Stingray Bay


Cathedral Cove

This is the money maker, the most beautiful beach I’ve been to yet!


I had a wonderful weekend on the Coromandel Peninsula.


XO – Kristiane

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