Dublin, Ireland

Next stop: Dublin! (December 29, 2017 – January 1, 2018)

The evening we arrived we got lost in the pouring rain trying to get to our accommodations. Without choice, we stumbled into a local pub where the bartenders allowed us to charge our phone, created a wifi “hotspot” for us to access the internet, and let us ruin the ambience of their establishment by standing soaking wet in the middle of the tiny place with all of our luggage. And they did all this with a smile and undeniable Irish charm.

The first day we did a walking tour that took us all around central Dublin (literally, it’s not that big). Dan, the enthusiastic Irish tour guide, walked us through the origins of Ireland and wove in Irish folklore with the historical facts.

Some of the things we saw included:

GPTempDownloadSt Patrick’s Cathedral

GPTempDownload 12Grafton Street


GPTempDownload.jpgDublin Castle (the tower on the side was added by the British to make the castle appear more “castle-y”)

Guinness, Guinness everywhere

GPTempDownload 2.jpgChristchurch Cathedral

GPTempDownload 2St Stephen’s Green (this is where the Irish regularly held their executions/burning at the stakes; Fun fact: the last person to be burnt at the stake for being possessed by a fairy and turned into a witch was Bridget Cleary in 1895 in this park)

Molly Malone Statue (touch her chest for luck!)


GPTempDownload 7.jpgTrinity College

Later that evening we headed to a tattoo parlour and made a questionable decision.

My tattoo is “May the road rise to meet you” in Irish

Aiden’s tattoo is “May the wind be always at your back” in Irish

Fun fact: in Ireland they do not speak Gaelic (as I had thought) the language is actually just referred to as “Irish”.

The remainder of the trip included hitting an authentic Irish pub with live music and cheap Guinness and ringing in 2018 on the rooftop of a multilevel club with some champagne, Jaeger bombs, and my best friend.

GPTempDownload 10

GPTempDownload 9.jpg



If you have never been to Ireland I highly, highly recommend you do. Yes, there are pubs and nightlife like you wouldn’t believe, and we definitely indulged in this, but there is also a rich culture and history present around every corner.

XO – Kristiane


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