London, England

Here we go!

First stop: London! (December 25, 2017 – December 29, 3017)

Upon arrival it was raining, windy, and all together dreary, but I had never felt more excited.

Enter Aiden!

GPTempDownload 10.jpg

Together we explored much of the “main attractions” including:

GPTempDownload 4Buckingham Palace (smaller than you might think)

DCIM100GOPROG0010074.JPGGPTempDownload.jpgWestminster Abbey

GPTempDownload 6.jpg

GPTempDownload 5The London Eye

IMG_0090Borough Market

IMG_0094Parliament building, Elizabeth Tower, and Big BenĀ (Fun fact – the tower itself is not called “Big Ben” but rather the “Elizabeth Tower”, the bell inside the tower is what is actually called “Big Ben”)

GPTempDownload 9.jpgIMG_0207.jpg

The Tower of London. Picture Prine Henry VIII being angsty an angsty AF teenager trusted to rule a powerhouse kingdom

GPTempDownload 7.jpgShakespeare’s Globe Theatre

GPTempDownload 8.jpgTower Bridge

Some local Museums (Imperial War Museum & Clink Dungeon Museum)

And, of course, several local drinking holes

The weather was consistently overcast, except for one lovely sunny day in which we accidentally wasted half of it in bed after having a few too many “pops” and staying out late the night before. C’est la vie.

Over-all, wonderfully festive time in London at Christmas!


XO – Kristiane


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